Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Kaia at any time?

Yes, we offer classes year-round with different themed sessions. Depending on your location, we offer Kaia cross training classes, Kaia Run (running classes), Kaia Tri (triathlon training), TRX (body suspension classes) & Kaia Flow (power yoga and Pilates mix).

What is Kaia FIT?

Kaia is a year-round fitness program catered to women. We provide personal training in a group atmosphere to make you feel safe and comfortable at any level. It is designed to give women of all ages and abilities the best workouts and nutritional support with the greatest results. Kaia is a lifestyle.

Designed by women, for women, Kaia’s workouts target your whole body. Our whole-body approach to fitness and healthy living will make you leaner, stronger, more flexible, and give you the energy to be more effective in your daily life. We keep your body constantly guessing (which means more calories burned!) by never repeating a workout.

In order to accommodate all women, each Kaia exercise has three levels of difficulty:

Balance: low-impact (no weight, no jumping)
Strength: mid-impact (add weight and speed)
Kaia: high-impact (add weight, speed, and impact)

Why Kaia FIT?

What separates Kaia FIT from other fitness programs is our combination of intense muscle confusion workouts, constant support from our certified fitness professionals, nutritional guidance, and of course, our sense of community.

Intense muscle confusion workouts
We researched full-body sports (gymnastics, running, weight lifting, etc.) and developed a program that molds your body into the athlete you are intended to be.

Certified fitness professionals
Our coaches provide personal training in a group setting and ensure that you feel safe and comfortable at any level. We hold high standards for our Kaia Coaches. All coaches are required to be Kaia Certified, first aid and CPR certified, and hold a nationally-recognized personal training certification.

Nutritional guidance
Kaia coaches also target health and weight loss from a nutritional standpoint. We give you the tools to build a healthy relationship with food. The Kaia coaches also teach you all about healthy food options and how to eat in a lean and green way.

What does BRIK mean?

A BRIK workout refers to the stacking of two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal to no interruption in between. As you switch modes of exercise, your body needs to effectively and efficiently prepare for the next demand while recovering from the previous exercise demand. Your heart rate increases significantly as your body shifts the blood flow from the muscles of the first exercise to the demands of the muscles of the next.

What are the workouts like and what can I expect?

The great thing about Kaia workouts is you never know what to expect. As our clients lead busy lives and have a limited amount of time for exercise, we must be creative in our workouts, keeping your mind engaged and your body guessing. Our coaches never repeat workouts, since routine is the number one enemy of muscle growth and weight loss. Our workouts ensure you don't get stuck in a comfort zone. Kaia classes are stimulating and fun. They leave you exhausted but exhilarated. You will find yourself excited for the next class!

Will I see results?

You will feel results immediately, but you will most likely see your results within two or three weeks of starting the program. You will:

  • Lose weight - about one-two pounds a week, without putting yourself on the latest fad diet
  • Tone your muscles
  • Look your best and feel even better
  • Feel more energetic
  • See real results that last
  • Make great friends and have fun!

What if I can’t keep up?

You can do it! Our workouts are designed for women of all ages and abilities, from first-timers to seasoned athletes. We tailor our exercises to ensure you are not left behind. We will help you find your fitness level and we respect your limits. All of our coaches are well-versed in Kaia modifications and will help you in any way possible.

We have three levels of exertion:

  • Balance - The low impact version of an exercise. This is for anyone who is new to Kaia, recovering from an injury or who feels it’s appropriate. Typical heart rate zone: Anywhere from 120-140. Low impact does not mean doggin’ it!
  • Strength - To make any exercise harder or more intense, you need to add speed or weight. Strength is the aerobic phase of our workouts. Typical heart rate zone: 130-160.
  • Kaia - The highest level of exertion. To reach this phase you are working hard, adding speed, intensity or weight. Typical heart rate zone: 160-190.

What equipment should I bring?

  • Wear comfortable workout clothes and a pair of quality running shoes.
  • A bottle of water.
  • A big SMILE!

You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat.

How do I find a location/sign up?

You can sign up and find a location near you by going to the Go to Find a Location Near You. Once you’ve found your location, hit Sign Up Now! It’s that easy!

Can I come to any class, any time?

Yes, as long as space is available.

Can I come to as many classes as I want?

If you purchase our unlimited one month or a VIP Membership you may attend as many classes as you like.

What are Saturday adventures?

On Saturday mornings all class times join together for an outdoor adventure for walking, hiking, jogging or running. Like all Kaia classes, these outings are for all fitness levels and give us all an opportunity to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

Where do I go with other questions or concerns?

We very much appreciate any comments and really want to hear your concerns. The only way we can make a truly great program is to hear from you. Please email or call us anytime! We appreciate you and your business, and we thank you for being a Kaia girl!!

Email your location or

What are the instructor qualifications for the Kaia Coaches?

We hold our Kaia coaches to the highest standards. All coaches are required to be Kaia Certified, First Aid and CPR certified, and hold a nationally-recognized personal training certification.



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I Finally Had Enough & Didn’t Know Where to Start

My Journey to Health: Jennifer Hayes


Age: 38

Kaia FIT Location: Woodland



What brought you into Kaia?

I was always active growing up.  I played sports through high school and college.  After college, I began taking kickboxing and boxing classes.  I had my first daughter and was able to get back into kickboxing.  While I was physically active, I did not make the best food choices.  Fast forward three years, a move back to Woodland, and a second daughter…I was an exhausted, stressed-out mom.  I worked full time and put everybody else first; my health, along with my self image, self-esteem, and mental attitude went down the tubes.   I tried in-home workouts and I would do well for a few weeks, but without anybody to hold me accountable, I could not stick with it.

 After my second daughter turned two, I finally had had enough, but had no idea where to start.  I posted a question on a Facebook page asking for suggestions for gyms.  A stranger (who is now an amazing friend) reached out to me and suggested that I come try a Kaia class with her.  She messaged me and when I was ready, she told me that she would meet me there and where I could find her.  I was embarrassed at how far out of shape I had allowed myself to get.  Where I could once do 50 regular push-ups, I could no longer complete one.  I had never been one to shy away from physical challenges, but I found myself very anxious about going to a workout class with a bunch of strangers.  I went and met up with the person who reached out to me.  After the first workout I was hooked.  The coach and the class were so supportive.  I did not feel judged and I left feeling better about myself than I had in a long time. 

What were some of your initial goals?

            Initially, I really wanted to lose weight and get into better shape, but my goals have shifted  now. 

What were some of your fears about starting a new workout and nutrition plan?            

            I had let myself get so far out of shape that I feared judgement about how weak I had become.  I was fearful that I would fail and be defeated.  After my second workout I actually vomited (while I was getting measured), so then I was fearful about what others must have thought of me, including the coach (everybody came to my aide, the coach told me not to worry, others brought me water and something to snack on).  When I first saw the nutrition plan I felt very overwhelmed.  I was worried that I would not be able to follow it.  And truth be told, it took me a while to start following the nutritional guide more closely.

What were some of the first positive things you noticed about your body?

            Some of the first positive things I noticed about my body is that I felt stronger.  A big thing for me was when I no longer had a fat roll on my back/hip area.  People commented on it looking like I had lost weight (even though the scale hadn’t budged) and I was going down in the sizes that I was wearing.

Anything surprise you?

            I was really surprised at how quickly I improved.  Honestly, if it weren’t for the challenges and tracking sheets I probably wouldn’t have noticed.  Not huge improvements, but little ones.  Things like not being able to do a push up on my toes to being able to do a few, to now being able to do about 30 before I switch to my knees.  I was also really surprised when after my first BRIK I went to Tahoe with my family.  My 2 year old wanted to be picked up while on a nature walk.  I picked her up, put her on my shoulders and carried her a long way without tiring.  My ability to keep up with my kids, running with them, carrying them etc., was really noticeable to me. 

What were some of the challenges you faced as you went along?

            I find waking up and dragging myself in at 5 am to be challenging still to this day!  Food and food prep is also a challenge that I have faced every step of the way.  It does get easier, but it is difficult.  There were also times where I felt guilty about what I ate, I have now learned not to feel guilty but to accept it, move on, and get back on track. 

How did you work to overcome them?

            I know that when I show up and complete my workout, I leave feeling accomplished and ready for the day.  I also know that when I don’t show up, people in the area of the room that I am in will notice, and they usually check in to make sure that everything is ok. 

What role did (does) Kaia have in supporting you along your journey?

            Kaia has been instrumental in helping me on my journey to support my health.  The classes are fun and challenging at any level.   The coaches are wonderful and supportive, they will push you to challenge yourself.  The Kaia girls help keep me motivated, we are all there to help support each other.

How did your eating change? Favorite healthy recipes?

            I eat less processed food and eat a lot more clean foods.  I am more conscious about what I eat; however, that does not mean that I don’t indulge.  I have also learned that I can indulge without feeling guilty and that is ok.  My favorite recipe from the book is the Carrot Curry Soup.  I also enjoy overnight oats and just throwing together a salad with my favorite toppings.

What parts of the programs would you recommend to others?     

            I would recommend all parts of the programs to others.  If it seems overwhelming, start with the workouts and add the food plan in as you go.  However, the better I eat the better I find I am able to complete the workouts.

How have your goals changed over time?

            Initially I just wanted to lose weight and make it through the workouts.  I now try not to focus on the scale (it does not move much for me, but I do lose inches).  I also have shifted my mindset to look for small improvements.

What is your favorite Kaia workout?

            Honestly, I cannot pick one.  I love them all.  At first I HATED the FLOW workout.  Yoga really wasn’t my thing.  I find it hard to quiet my brain.  However, by the end of my first BRIK, I grew to love FLOW.

Suggestions for anyone looking to join Kaia?

            Try a class.  Talk to the Kaia girls.  Come join me in the front, I promise I don’t bite.  Just put your mind to it and show up.  Showing up is 99% of the battle.  Reach out to your classmates and coaches if you are struggling, chances are somebody else is having the same struggle.  You are not alone in your journey when you join Kaia, you have your Kaia family to support you in your success.

What are some of your new goals?

My goals now involve losing inches and bettering my performance during class.  I now push myself to do everything I possibly can at Kaia level.  I have set goals to increase the amount of weight that I lift and to improve my running times on things.  I also am determined to one day pull of a handstand without falling on my head, and to complete a pull-up unassisted.  I not only want to see myself succeed but I want to see my classmates succeed.  Personally, part of my goals are also to make new girls feel welcome and empowered (as best I can), and if I see any of my crew struggling to encourage them to keep going.


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