Kaia FIT Elk Grove, CA: Sarah D.

Kaia FIT Elk Grove, CA: Sarah D.

Shortly before starting Kaia in September 2014, I believed I would have to suffer neck and back pain for the rest of my life. I didn’t realize the consequences of those long hours in front of the computer, ignoring the burning pain as I worked to meet the perpetual deadlines that all accountants face. I had visited chiropractors regularly since high school, but when I burst a disk in my neck, there was nothing they could do for me. In November 2010, I underwent neck surgery and now have a titanium plate fusing two of the vertebrae in my neck.

After my recovery from surgery, I thought I was “fixed” and could enter back into life & work where I had left off. Unfortunately, the rest of the vertebrae surrounding my fusion had to take on the load to support the movement in my neck. The burning pain started once more, and I became truly concerned that I would find myself in surgery again if I didn’t take care of how I was treating my body. I spoke to my doctor about my concerns, and he referred me to a physical therapist. My great friend introduced the idea of going to Kaia together a couple of weeks before my PT appointment, so during my evaluation, I asked the therapist about starting the program. He advised against it, being concerned that heavy workouts could further injure the strained vertebrae. However, after learning how Kaia was able to cater to all levels of fitness, and with the support of my dear husband, I signed up for the 6-week BRIK and started my Kaia journey.

Because of the available Balance level, I was able to start working out at a careful, sensible level, but before long the Strength came. I now endeavor to be the best Kaia girl I can be. The pain is no longer with me on a daily basis, taken away through the strengthening of the supporting muscles in my neck and back. My outlook and confidence have never been healthier, and the support, encouragement, and community of Kaia have become an indispensable part of my life. I am full of appreciation for KAIA FIT LAGUNA! I can never go back!

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