Kaia FIT Folsom, CA: Colleen Mesa

So I would like to share that this is a definite journey and I'm sure we have all had successes as well as set backs. The important thing is to not give up. I love the new eating habits I have been able to adapt,  and have found for me that having meal prep for myself keeps me way on track.  2 years ago I had a physical and the Dr. reported that I had a fatty liver, high blood pressure and I had kidney stones, bladder infection & kidney infection. My sugar levels were ok but not great. I have been doing Kaia for about a 1 3/4 years and have done 4 Briks. Each one gets a little easier. Each one I learn a little bit more about myself and healthy living.  I went to the Dr. again for a check up a couple weeks ago. She was happy to report that my liver and kidney function were great. No more fatty liver. My LDL & HDL were all great and my sugar levels were amazing and my blood pressure normal. I really attribute this to changing my eating habits and regular workouts. Its about more than a number on the scale. I am truly blessed to have found Kaia and such a wonderful support group to help with my healthy living. 

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