Kaia Girl Success Story: Val

before and after ValGetting your body back after baby takes time, energy, and a convenient way to make it all happen. Because being a healthy Mom is so important, it’s just as important for you to start making yourself a priority! Getting into, or back into shape after kids can happen! And, it’s easier than you might think!

Val Krist of Woodland, California made the decision to make the time to finally get back into shape after having her three kids. Thanks to Kaia FIT, Val started sleeping better, gained strength, and was able to start eating better. Here’s Val’s success story to help motivate you to keep on trying!


Name: Val Krist

Age: 43

Kaia FIT Location: Woodland


What brought you into Kaia?

A friend asked me to come try a class with her in a town next to us. I almost died but when I looked around, I thought, if these ladies can do it, so can I. It was opening in my town and I really needed an exercise program that would help hold me accountable. Getting myself to the gym on regular basis just wasn’t happening.


What were some of your initial goals?

To feel good, physically and mentally. I also wanted to lose the “baby weight” and more that I had gained over the years. I always enjoyed being physical, but with three little kids, I was just so exhausted and overwhelmed. Giving myself any “me time” just wasn’t on my agenda. When I told my husband about Kaia FIT, he pretty much pushed me out the door!


What were some of your fears about starting a new workout and nutrition plan?

Basically, that I wouldn’t be able to do it or maintain it. I was worried it would be too hard and I’d give up.


What were some of the first positive things you noticed about your body?

I was stronger! Within a couple weeks, I couldn’t see a difference yet, but I could feel that my muscles felt firmer and stronger. Plus, I was sleeping better, which was so emotionally fantastic because I had two toddlers at the time who really cut into my sleep time.


Did anything surprise you?

I was surprised that I enjoyed it and keep going to class! And that I challenged myself to try one more set, hold it 10 more seconds…basically that I pushed myself.


What were some of the challenges you faced as you went along?

Pretty much what every woman deals with: feeling guilty for putting myself first (even just for an hour!)  Or in the beginning, just getting to class early in the morning. Or figuring out how to eat healthy in a way that helped me lose the weight.


How did you work to overcome them?

With the support of my Kaia classmates, my family and my Kaia coaches. Everyone really believed in the program and me.


What role did (does) Kaia have in supporting you along your journey?

After 2 ½ years, it’s such an important part of my life and everyone in my life knows that! They have seen the difference it has made, not only in my physical appearance, but my confidence and my general happiness.


How did your eating change? Do you have any favorite healthy recipes?

I’ve always cooked and eaten fruits and vegetables, but Kaia really helped me focus on what healthy eating really is instead of convincing myself eating pasta and bread multiple times a day was ok. Mostly, it has taught me to be accountable for what I put in my body. If I want to feel healthy and lose weight, then I really need to be honest with what I’m eating. Also, to find the healthy foods I really enjoy and make a habit of doing that on a regular basis. Food journaling and accountability is key to my weight loss success.


What parts of the programs would you recommend to others?

All of it! The women who join Kaia FIT are looking for a change in their lives, and I really think you can’t find that success unless you come to class, eat healthy, stretch and recover with Flow and get the support from your Kaia Girl community.


How have your goals changed over time?

Yes, in the fact that I have more goals now than when I started. I still have fat I’d like to lose, but now I’m focusing on increasing my weights in class and speed to increase my strength and change the shape of my body.


What is your favorite Kaia workout?

I really enjoy stations. It keeps a fast pace in class, there is a wide variety of exercises and I push myself a little hard because I know in about eight minutes I’m going to be doing five different exercises! I like coming to class and not having to think. I pretty much just do what the coaches say until they say stop.


Is there anyone in particular that you’d like to thank for pushing you?

Every coach at our location! Not to mention all the Kaia Girls in my class.


What are some of your new goals?

Increasing my strength and endurance, continuing to lose weight and feel good in my clothes and continue to find the balance of eating healthy and enjoying life.


Do you have any suggestions for anyone looking to join Kaia?

Just come try a class. It’s going to be hard, but you if you stick with, even for just a week, you will love how it makes you feel. Then, before you know it, you’ve been a Kaia Girl for 6 weeks!


Staying consistent with workouts, food journaling, and having workouts that give you assigned tasks can help you succeed and stay on track. We all need an extra push or two to get us going. But, as we can see with Val, it’s all about working out right, eating better, and being surrounded by a community of goal-setting gals to get you there!

Start seeing your new muscles shine through today by joining Kaia FIT today!

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